Monday, April 10, 2017

My Happy Places

Sometimes, like everyone else, I feel sad about a certain situation. As the day passes by, the feeling of sadness becomes a persistent emotion. On some of such days, when I finally find time to sit and address the emotion and console myself I find myself asking "So why were we sad for again?". Sometimes it turns out I had forgotten what exactly was the reason for that weary feeling of sorrow. Was is some news on the internet or was it something someone said... The origin of gloominess just slips out of my mind amidst of daily activities, but the cloud of sadness just remains to hover over my head.

I find such days quite ridiculous as the reason for the sorrow is not really significant, regardless my mind just picks up some random trigger and stomps as a stubborn child into the sombreness. On such days my salvage is some random things that by default makes me happy. So here I am sharing a few of such activities.


It all started with when I first thought of including some music theory symbols in my paintings. However, I wanted to include something meaningful some part of classical symphonies that I like. So I started researching and educating myself about music theory. One thing leads to another and I ended up learning about how to play the Ukulele in theory. then on one fine day,  a couple of months back, I got this beauty. I had never actually played the instrument but had acquired all the basics on how to. It took me a while to get used to practically play it and I am still learning. Ever since that day playing uke is one of my favorite activities
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I love coffee! There are about 3-4 different types of coffee sitting on a shelf in my room. Yes! I keep my exotic collection of coffee in my room along with my coffee mugs. I like to think of it as this mini collection, like some people have for their fancy drinks, a mini bar. Well, coffee has the ability to make you happy. Curling up on a cozy couch to read and sip coffee is one of my absolute favorite things. You can find more about coffee on my post here.

Reading is food for my mind. I cannot imagine how my life would be if I wouldn't read. There is no denying that reading helps you be more informed on a various range of topics. One learns about the universe and its laws, addressing the mere passion of unraveling the quest of human existence. One of the most pressing existential question of humanity gets assuages, maybe just a little bit via reading. It lowers the stress level and increases the focus. However, more than anything it makes one compassionate. It gives one a unique ability to step in someone else's shoes and see the world through their eyes. I like to read a huge range of genres. (You can find more about my reading habits on Goodreads here).

No matter how my mood is, if I play Hamilton- the musical I will somehow turn into an all-in-one cast and will be rapping with diligence. I never get tired of it. I can listen to it, again and again ... The beauty of it is not just the predominantly hip-hop music, but also Lin-Manuel Miranda's brilliant art of storytelling. In telling the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding father, Lin puts forward all the admirable qualities along with the flaws of the characters, this approach makes historic figures seem more human. The contemporary hip language makes one able to understand them as per today's standards. Last but not the least, it's the most entertaining history lesson.

I like to create art in many different forms, but oil paints are one of my favorite artistic expression. I can forget the existence of the world when I am lost in my attempt to make that one stroke right. I don't give any care even if it's apocalypses outside my window. It is my personal trance. I dedicated a whole post to painting. Read about it here.

Now, what about you ... Do you feel remorse and forget what it was for? What is your Happy Place? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. I haven't really found my happy place yet.
    I have a few things i like to do but those are hobbies
    Btw its awesome that you play an ukulele. Loves the video
    H for Henna Hands  

  2. Your happy place seems to be art - fine or performing. Kudos on learning to play the uke that too self taught!


  3. The video is awesome. The constant that makes me happy right now is snuggles from my two cats.

  4. I can relate to those sombre moods. Sad for some inexplicable reason and like yourself I find my solace in reading. That little escape helps distract me from whatever is upsetting me! Thanks for sharing this - nice to know others go through those same emotional spells.

  5. Well, reading is a good happy place for me. Particularly Dan Brown and Harry Potter!

    Absolutely Amazing Alliteration

  6. Nice post!

    My happy place is blogging! I blog when sad, happy, cranky, all the emotions leads me to blogging!

    Apart from. That a cup of chai or a plate full French fries.

    Ashmita Chatterjee

  7. So true, we have happy places to turn to when we feel down. And we do share couple of them... Coffee and books are pretty much happiest places.

    I think H is the Story about Him and Her

  8. Reading is awesome - it is so good for taking us out of the present and transporting us somewhere else. I often dive into a favourite fanfic or novel if I am feeling down, because it always cheers me up.
    Tasha's Thinkings - Shapeshifters and Werewolves

  9. What a great list! I love that you have your coffee collection in your room. And don't judge me, but I have never heard a song from the musical Hamilton...I'm trying to savor it until I can get the full experience! What a happy day and feeling that will be!!!

  10. My happy place.. hmmm... reading, drawing, dancing might make it for me.. love the list you have, and so wonderful you play the ukulele..