Friday, September 25, 2009

Spider Suicide..!!

When I was young I was always very fascinated towards spiders. I specifically liked the spiders with huge bodies. I really liked the beautiful pattern on their body. There was a time when I even wanted to pet one but I skipped my plan as I did not wanted to do so on the cost of its freedom.

Recently I was reading some book on which I saw a picture of a female Redback spider. What made me mention it over here on my blog is not just how awesome it looks but the way male member of this species commits suicide!!! (I will definitely call this an act of suicide)

The male Redback spider is one of the species on earth which is eaten up by its partner while copulating!!! (Now that's weird) I wonder what is going on in their mind while the incidence. The female is huge in comparison with the tiny male and the male makes the female drooling by gasconading his abdomen in front of female which the female find quit ample to serve its sense of hunger. By keeping the female busy eating itself the male can deposit maximum amount of sperms so that the chance of reproduction increase.
The male sacrifice its own life for a fatal attraction or to give another life a chance in form of its own offspring... That’s still not clear to me...

This act of suicide brought a crazy thought in my mind. I think the male did so because it just wanted to end up its life. It was stressed and had lost the track in its life; its life is going on in an unwanted direction. But deep inside the male spider knows that it is blessed and that its blood aka genetic structure is blessed. So it did not want to end its life in vain and thought that it should at lest pass on its genes so that its blessed blood should flourish...

Apart the spider do not have much option like taking poison, taking some easily available sleeping pills, slash of his wrist ,hang to death or some tall building to jump off from ..And I don’t think he ever thought asking for mercy killing...

Fair deal for the spider..!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Silent Smile

I was just going through my old diary and i found this old rhyme that i had written then ..
It is from long back and i had always been very private about it.I never wanted to share it with anyone except my clique...
my buddies really liked it then, at that part of time in my group of friends writing poem was a dernier cri.
It is dedicated to someone special who may never know i wrote it for him....
The calmness of moon light night is what I feel, The whole world go silent to hear my heartbeat. All the flowers, firefly and the whole night sky is smiling at me .....
I have not complete it, cos i want it to remain a mystery ..

Friday, September 11, 2009

El Dorado...!!!

It was long back when I saw the flick "The road to El Dorado". I really like two friends in the flick they portrayed quite nicely to my so called "best friends" image!

But this blog is certainly not to show gratitude to my best friend.It is about
El Dorado the amazonian monarch.

It is a tale from early 1500th century. El Dorado was a Spanish Amazonian king. At that part of time the city of Amazon was ruled by this flamboyant monarch, who use to regularly coat his body with gold dust (nice body pack, I bet his skins glow would be fabulous) and then plunged into a nearby lake to wash it off while being showered with gold and jewels by his subjects...

The stories of gold coated king grew into a legend.

These days the word
El Dorado represented any place of vast riches, abundance, or opportunity..

The world is now recovering from so called economic crisis, in such a condition I cant predict which place is going to be the next El Dorado..

Lately US , UK and other western locations were considered so. This does not hold true in today's context. the world is crying for protectionism and jobs. So whatsoever place is going to be the El doradao only time can tell.

The place I consider to be my contemporary El Dorado is in my mind .. I don't prefer sharing its wealth .. ;)

Have a nice day..