Friday, March 4, 2011


Today while making some notes I scribbled down “” for male and followed by “” for female. Well! There is not anything unordinary or special about jotting down the symbols for me. I have been using these symbols since high school biology classes. It is like a routine part of my short hand writing skills. However like many other times before, my concentration got struck in the symbols. I once again found myself trying to decipher the hidden meaning of the symbol.

Mostly I come up with the following tow conclusions...
First Conclusion... the male symbol represents male chauvinism as it is pointing to the top! I generally assumed that, some gender obsessed male might had decided this symbol to show off his potency as some supernatural power! On the contrary I assume female symbol to be more spiritual, representation a cross threaded in the circular loop. However the one who decided it might not be too good with shapes and had made the cross with dimensions not so proportional with the Holy Cross.
I know my first hypotheses do not fit into the puzzle very accurately, but hey! Man makes mistakes… so some men from history might have made a mistake... huh?
Second Conclusion… it’s pretty simple i.e. it represents some secret sexual behavior that I currently cannot understand as it is above my perception..!!
I know you must be thinking now “what rubbish!”
That’s what I thought today when I recapitulated my hypothesis. So I thought to myself, “buddy its 2011, you have got a laptop, internet and above all… the planet these days have some magic wand called Google! So quit assuming and GOOGLE it!!”
The gender symbols represents that men are from Mars and women from Venus. These symbols are derived from ancient Greek astrological symbols of planet Mars and Venus.
Here I am sharing a few more symbols of the same type…

Hope you enjoyed enlightenment!