Saturday, December 12, 2009

My sleep swallowed me!

We all dream not just consciously about the perfect future, but unconsciously while sleeping as well, I don’t like to brag but, I have been good and creative in both the sort of dreaming.

I got a scary dream; it’s not the first time that it happened to me. Most of the time when I get a bad dream my sister wakes me up and ask if I am alright, she tells me that I breathed abnormally while sleeping and she could make out that something is wrong!
Back in hostel I don’t have anyone around to notice my abnormal breath rate so I end up waking screaming and that just happens to be wakeup alarm for my roomies!

Today after a series of unbelievable incidence, I realized it could not be real so I concluded that I was dreaming! So I must wake up now, but the dream was now allowing me to do so, I tried being calm but all in vain so I give up and took it as the end of my life and thought it’s nice to die while sleeping and seeing a horror dream. I was ready to die in my wildest imagination, the wild thought crossed my head; at least my mom should know the reason why I left her. Though my body was not ready to leave the dream and my brain was busy in listening to the shouting and yelling people there in dream some little voice inside me told me to leave a message for mum. All I wished in that moment was to grab my books or some paper and scribble message for mum “my dream swallowed me”. Gosh I did not realize that it was poetic. I liked the slogan, though I did not write it while sleeping but just learned it hard, and luckily I woke up!

I get a plenty of weird dreams. I dreams about missing my school bus while coming back from school, being lost in a carnival, shopping at the best place to shop at in dream ( I don’t know which place it is but the clothes and accessories are just perfect). Being chased by monster, leakage of LPG in my kitchen, protecting kids (from my family) from an overly aggressive anaconda! Or just seeing some prehistoric prisoners all of them with blue eyes and tied in chains (they all were looking like angles though). And the list goes on and on …       

Some of my dreams are repeated while many are seen just once. But one of the most weird is the one in which I get trapped in a large building, filled with water and occupied with reptiles (I am not sure if those reptiles existing reality or not, as I have never seen any of those creatures apart from my dreams) the water is almost on till my knees. I usually dream this dream and the building is never empty I am accompanied by other people who are finding the way out of this watered building with lots of creepy reptiles. All these people in the building are those I have never met or seen otherwise, in the end some of the heroic people (including me), find the way out of the trap. It usually is through breaking some window, door or fence.

Outside this flooded building the world is always beautiful the sun is shining bright in the zenith. Lots of chocolate and ice cream outlets are there. It’s like I am in some amusement park with awesome rides at distance.
The most flabbergasting thing is that I find my ice cream parlor at distance in the end of most of my dreams, I know the people who serve in this place, I know the cost of my favorite flavor I don’t actually remember its name when I get back to consciousness. But in dream all I have to do is place my order and celebrate my coming out of the flooded building. I must mention that the ice cream is as always yummy out there!