Saturday, June 1, 2013


Ever scene the beginning of transportation system, humanity has been dependent on the usage of non-renewable resources of energy to propel the wagon, steer the ship or thrust and drag  the plane! One way or the other extracting oil from earth has always been a necessity. Leave aside the trauma that oil cause on the global peace, the process is not at all sustainable for the over all energy  requirement of humanity in long run. 

Now is the time to revert the paradigm of drilled fuel to a more appropriate and reliable source of energy that offers better efficiency at low cost. A project (ET3) Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies is on its way to dramatically change how we travel.  It is categorized as "Space Travel on Earth". The company ET3 is working to engineer and calibrate the technology  to make this happen in the next decade. ET3 is silent, low cost, safe faster than jet and is electric. It run on linear electric motors. 

The concept design ages back to 1910. R.H. Goddard designed an airless tube travel system. While ET3 was founded by Daryl Oster in 1980's. 

Working of the ET3 system: The system will run in a vacuumed tube of 1.5 m diameter. the tube will cover the whole earth in a predefined travel route, something like railway tracks. The present purposed track stretches across United States, up to Canada, then  Alaska, over the Bering strait, down through China, across India and up to Europe, finally to Britain. It will connect all the world's major population centers. the tube will be friction less and magnetic levitation. the stations will be air locked to restrict admitting air. The passenger capsule will be small carrying 6 passenger in one capsule. the capsule will be accelerated in the tube be a liner electric motor. Through the vacuum tube without any additional power. 

The speed of the capsule will range from 600km/h to 6,500 km/h. That will allow passenger or cargo travel from New York to Beijing in 2 hours. An ET3 capsules weigh only 183 kg and will carry about 367 kg. (six passengers)  

Tubes are the freeways to prevent traffic congestion, all the while providing a quiet, train-like experience. No sign of food and waiting service available as of yet, but there is a TV for you to enjoy on your short ride. 

To Michio Kaku's classification of alien civilization the importance of ET3 is very clear. It is our grand leap from Type 0 to type 1 civilization. Imagine a transport system that allows you to order fresh chines food from china! yeah-yeah it is possible we need not to wait for it, can be implemented! Of course if only it does not threatens the political and economic policies like Tesla's World System.