Monday, March 15, 2010

Language of universe…

Looking at the night sky,
Reminds me of your deep dark eyes,

The wind,
It reminds me,
How it use to blow away your
Hair off your face and ….

The sun shine,
It reminds me,
Of your… oh!! So perfect smile,
That always conveys the message from your sole and your eyes putting up the message into a language,

The language that universe owns.

The language of… love, hope and silence.

This language… no matter what it says,
It always sets up the same message, same moral, same desire.
The desire to know truth, to know more,
To seek out the answer for hundreds and millions question arising.

These entire questions has the same solution,
An answer that one can realize,
When one looks at the Moon

The Moon,
Shining brightly in the sky,
Giving a soothe comfort
To my eyes....