Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My School G.H.P.S. and my sweet little world out there :)

School was certainly the best time. I studied at G.H.P.S. For me it’s the best school in the whole world because it’s the place where I become me "Karnika Kapoor".

When I am sitting alone in a corner of this big-big world, I still recall all those beautiful days, while I ran around in corridors, hide behind pillars so that the most bugging person skip to notice us and we don’t get grilled with him or her, walking hand in hand with friends sharing lunch and lays, stupid crushes, royal heartbreaks, dealing with all that really helped me to grow up.

I still remember the time when we use to complete maths work in history class and when we use to laugh uncontrollably on simply very stupid reasons, hitting on the most cutest momma’s boy in the class or it be dealing tactfully with the horrible "Harneet Singh Sethi".

When we moved around with friends and when friends console while you are crying for one reason or the other, when we party at school canteen spraying and splashing cold drinks on each other and shouting, dancing and having a lot of good time together.

When all the friends are moulded into same moods and there were seasons for all most every thing i.e., sports, poetry, music, dance and even for friendship. That was "friendship day" when all the colourful bands, gifts, etc. were exchanged to show affection, when all of us had common friends and enemies too.

The time when we were eager to grow up, live on our own. I simply loved those days and wish that all those dreams come true!!!