Friday, February 5, 2010


 I was born with wings!

It’s the part of story told by my father, when I was too young to think logically!

I was told,

 I was given to my parents by the fairies. On my birthday the fairies came to see my elder sister, as she was also given to my parents by them only. I was with them. At the time when we i.e. me and the fairies were going back I got really sad and wanted to stay with my elder sister. So the fairies left me over and told my dad to take care of me.
As I had wings, it was really difficult for my father to take care of us with wings! He at that time took off my wings and kept it safe at the same place where he had kept my sisters wings!

From that day onwards I was asking for my wings all the time.

But I was always denied.

My dad said “if I will give you your wings back you will fly to your fairyland. What if you won’t be able to fly that far as you have never practice, you may get hurt in the way? I will give you your wings when you will grow up! And will be able to live on your own. You are too young. I can’t let you go I will be alone”.    

I mostly agreed to the deal but always had a desire to at least have a look at my wings.
 I often asked,
What is the color of my wings?
I was told they were pink!

I had a logical approach too!
What if I will grow up and they stay of the same size?
Dad said he is keeping a check and we have been growing with the same rate.

My parents made me eat rice (that I don’t like at all) by telling me that the fairies came and made it for me.
And I ate it quietly…
I asked how come they did not meet me.
Thinking if I could have met them I would have told them that I want my wing back. And they would have convinced my father.

I was dyeing to see my wings and hoping that I may fly. I was eager to grow up and get my wings back. I always copied my elder sister in a lot of ways so that I could pretend be of her age!

As I grew up believe in the story got giddy and I got occupied in the other stuff appropriate for my age then.

PS:  Dad I want my wings back!!