Friday, September 11, 2009

El Dorado...!!!

It was long back when I saw the flick "The road to El Dorado". I really like two friends in the flick they portrayed quite nicely to my so called "best friends" image!

But this blog is certainly not to show gratitude to my best friend.It is about
El Dorado the amazonian monarch.

It is a tale from early 1500th century. El Dorado was a Spanish Amazonian king. At that part of time the city of Amazon was ruled by this flamboyant monarch, who use to regularly coat his body with gold dust (nice body pack, I bet his skins glow would be fabulous) and then plunged into a nearby lake to wash it off while being showered with gold and jewels by his subjects...

The stories of gold coated king grew into a legend.

These days the word
El Dorado represented any place of vast riches, abundance, or opportunity..

The world is now recovering from so called economic crisis, in such a condition I cant predict which place is going to be the next El Dorado..

Lately US , UK and other western locations were considered so. This does not hold true in today's context. the world is crying for protectionism and jobs. So whatsoever place is going to be the El doradao only time can tell.

The place I consider to be my contemporary El Dorado is in my mind .. I don't prefer sharing its wealth .. ;)

Have a nice day..


  1. The word El Dorado has been explained very well here. It relates the mind, whose wealth is an intangible thing to a word that is largely meant to explain tangible stuff!

    Keep going
    All the best
    Wish to read more on ur blog

  2. its good, u gettin better n better with time,,, keep it up.......