Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Silent Smile

I was just going through my old diary and i found this old rhyme that i had written then ..
It is from long back and i had always been very private about it.I never wanted to share it with anyone except my clique...
my buddies really liked it then, at that part of time in my group of friends writing poem was a dernier cri.
It is dedicated to someone special who may never know i wrote it for him....
The calmness of moon light night is what I feel, The whole world go silent to hear my heartbeat. All the flowers, firefly and the whole night sky is smiling at me .....
I have not complete it, cos i want it to remain a mystery ..


  1. This on is just cool!!!

    Keep up the gud work,, I am waiting for more such mysteries!!

  2. hahaha..:) ;)
    i have plenty of mysteries!