Friday, April 8, 2016

Global Climate Change

A few years back I came to know that Polar Bears are exclusive to the Arctic and Penguins to Antarctica. I always thought they lived at Poles and never thought about specific Poles ie North and South. But isn't that a great example, rub on the face of the Creationists? I wonder what will happen if we just switch them or mingle/distribute them on both poles! Yes, I stopped typing at this point and googled it. Spoiler Alert! Poor Penguins (Read it here.)
Aww! they will look so cute together

The Arctic, (Polar Bear's homeland) is floating ice whereas Antarctica is peace of land covered with ice. Living conditions of Polar Bears and Penguin are same, however. As the ice on Arctic is melting, the life forms that survive on the Poles are under threat. The current rate of heating up of the baseline temperature is highest at poles. Therefore, a more accelerated version of Climate Change and its effects can be seen there. 

Last year in September the above picture of Polar Bear by photographer Kerstin Langenberger 
made into news all over the world. This picture is showing the reality of climate change. The life form on Arctic is suffering. Polar Bear thrives on hunting, seal and other small animals are its food. The population of all the animals in the region is rapidly decreasing because of temperature rise. The Polar Bear in the above picture is a starving because of the same. Furthermore, as the ice melts the bears will lose land (ice because Arctic is floating ice) they live on. They cannot swim long enough to reach land so they will vanish from the face of the planet, because of Climate Change. This is expected to happen in near future.

I think making the same old argument that climate change is real and we humans are the cause of its unnatural hasten is redundant. I will restrain from explaining you the age-old science of How the atmosphere works, What is Greenhouse effect, How human exploitation of fossil fuel is fucking up the damn climate. Of course, there is a lot more, we know about the climatology now, thanks to 20-century science. The evidence is piling up. It is quite strange that scientists still need to sell the concept of climate change to many politicians and they still reject it as an "idea". I can not fathom the thought process of anyone who has an access to explicit data and analysis of global climate change and still disregards it saying "Meh! It was pretty chilly in my hometown last winter"

On the same note, I think Polar Bear, the poster child of climate change should be called "The Poster Child of The Sixth Mass Extinction". (Impending? you may ask,  Nah! It is happening, it is called The Holocene Extinction). After all, they are the front runner in extinction process, already declared Endangered or Vulnerable. I don't know when the fine line between Vulnerable is smashed into Endangered. In the case of Mass Extinctions, these things may run at a faster rate. Right! (citation needed)

Since my childhood, I have been seeing posters of the campaign "Save The Planet". The funny side of "Save The Planet" campaign is that there is nothing that is pretty much threatening to the planet. The threat is to the life forms of the planet. If life is extinct that do not mean planet will seize to exist. (Or would it? if there is no consciousness to observe the universe, would the universe be said to be existing? fucking existential paradoxes that pop up randomly and throw you into deep thinking.) Anyways, the campaign "Save The Planet" should be "Reserve The Delicate Balance Of Conditions That Are Essential For Sustainability Of Life". 

While politicians pat their back for the Paris Climate Summit, scientist purpose that this is not enough. A research has declared that many areas in the equator region will be unsurvivable because of increased temperature in near future. This could lead a series of refugee crises and conflicts regarding the same. Perhaps, Wars that will, with bombings, worsen the climate. When will Humanity learn to act collectively for a greater good? The vulnerability of Polar Bear is a warning that we must take the environment seriously.  Act extensively for the Issue as soon as possible.

In this post, I  express my solidarity with global goal No. 13. Create awareness and share the information. 

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  1. "The funny side of "Save The Planet" campaign is that there is nothing that is pretty much threatening to the planet. The threat is to the life forms of the planet. If life is extinct that do not mean planet will seize to exist."
    this line is remarkable.
    I never thought of the campaign this way.

    And I am pretty sad to see the polar bear picture from Arctic.

    It's high time even Leonardo DiCaprio did not care less to not mention it when he finally got the Oscar ;)

    1. Glad you liked it! :)
      I love DiCaprio for that. He has been quite vocal about it before but giving it the Oscar speech platform was an awesome move.

  2. This is an interesting post. Very well aligned line of thought, perfect narration.
    Well Done! Keep it up (:

  3. Karnika,

    Thank you for bringing this topic up. Leo started it and you are taking it forward. Nice pictures of the polar family too. Wish we all become sensitive and take small but firm steps in the right direction.

    Visiting from atozchallenge. Check out my blog here: &

    1. Glad that you liked it!
      Unfortunately, the Global Warming issue has been pressing since the late 1900s. It has been a matter of prime political debate since the 2000s. It is quite annoying that it has only gotten worse as no required measures were taken. Ironically one of the front runner "politician" is still claiming that that Global warming to a chines propaganda.

  4. Global warming is a danger to all living species... Poor Polar bear in the pic.. feeling sad for them and for us all..

    1. Indeed it is, let's hope and work to fix it. We must leave a survive-able planet for future generations.

  5. Hi Karnika, this is so alarming. That starved polar bear is stuck in my mind. Its all greed, mankind's greed that knows no bounds. The post was well-researched and illuminating Karnika. What's your twitter handle, would like to share your posts there.
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. Thanks! When I first saw that starved Polar Bear picture in my FB feeds, I didn't want to think about it. It was so heartbreaking. Indeed, it all greed of big corporations.
      PS You can find me on twitter @karnikakapoor

  6. Those are absolutely stark images- 'wake up' they scream...
    Well written post..
    @yenforblue from
    Spice of Life!

    1. Thanks! I agree it's a wake up call, world must act.