Saturday, April 23, 2016

Train Of Thoughts

Welcome on Board! 

Hello, This post is brought to you by my own brain, where I have been trapped all my life. Is there no way out of the mind? as Sylvia would say. I guess if Sylvia was from the contemporary days I would have stalked her on all her social media handles and sent her friends requests like a million time. I pretty sure she would have pity followed me back, (I would have been hopelessly persistent on fangirling her!) and then I would have referred her as my "close" friend. 

Ooh, I just had a notification! My iPad just went bing! The sound of my iPad's blink sounds like there is a tiny metallic balloon just exploded with a single sinusoidal jingle. I bet everyone else with the same notification sound can relate. Anybody? Alright, it's just me then. I wonder what the notification is about, though! it totally distracted me and frankly I don't care but I guess my mind is conditioned to be excited about the sound of that blinky jingle. Much like Pavlov's dog! Did I just compare myself to Pavlov's dog! wow, self-depreciation at it's best. I am just kidding I can come up with even better ways to self-depreciate. I just know I am creative and not because I ever do that every Thursday night.

Wonder if other awesome people ever self-depreciate? I bet, J-Law does! So that is settled. It is a good thing, keeps one's ego in check. How about the bad people? Hitler, did he ever self-deprecate? Nope, I don't think so with his year-round-Movember Stache and crazy hand gestures, he seemed he was pretty self-assured. Besides he had a boosting squad "hailing" him. Would I have hailed him, If I was in nazi Germany? Like, I would have had a choice! It would have been quite Anti-National of me. Duh! Though Now in the safe cradle of future and a distant land I can proudly say I never hailed Hitler. However, that don't matter now does it?

That reminds me of the time when I was asked: "If you could go back in time would you go back to kill baby Hitler?". That freaks me out every-fucking-time. I mean Why would anyone kill baby Hitler for the things that he (the child Hitler) hasn't done but the grown up Hitler did. That is just boiling it down to a level where someone being the "Bad-Guy" is their objective truth, that is so not right. But then to contrast it with the nature of "reality" isn't Bread Loaf Theory indicating past present and future is absolute? The Ideal scenario would be sprinkling it with the parallel Universe Theory. So, in that case, Hitler won't be the bad guy in all the parallel worlds. 

Moreover, if we could time travel, bear with me here this is really cool, wouldn't the options to go back and changing the history lead to the origin of more intertwined parallel universes? Because theoretically facing a choice gives rise to the parallel universe. At this point, I must remind myself that this write-up of the stream of thoughts is for the blog and my brilliant ideas about the nature of universe should be recorded in some other place. To those of you, still reading it anyway, you are officially a cool person and I hereby announce you the President of one of the whole parallel Universe, not just that, the parallel Universe you reign over will be named after you. Claim your honour by commenting 'Pineapple' in the comment section below. 

Pine green is one of the colors that I want my hair to be. basically, I think I should try out all the opal hair colors because I can not make up  my mind to pick one. So, I am like HA! fuck it, I will do them all. The joke's on you "God-Of-Choice" I defy your command and do everything. Now that is mutiny, take that rebels!

Anyways, I am so hungry that I could eat a whole T-Rex, unfortunately, I think I have dislocated my jaw also T-Rex are extinct. I am waiting for my jaw to get worse before visiting a doctor because I don't know how to put it nicely ... but I irrationally and aggressively hate Doctors. Because, I am to convince myself that I am capable of irrational hate, no just kidding, I hate them because they are awful and hospitals smell like babies. I don't have anything against babies it is just that I like them on Instagram only and as props on holiday destinations. There they are awfully cute and smell like love. 

Don't holidays just feel like love? The only difference is one can buy holliday package with money but money can not buy love. However, it can buy you a fucking yacht! So sure I will settle for material possession and assuage my need for love via stimulating it with coffee or weed IDK! Maybe a sandwich with lots and lots of cheese or pizza will do for the compensation. I should get myself a sandwich, though. Should wreak my dislocated Jaw to be sure. Besides I deserve some dopamine for typing last few paragraphs! 

Deboarding, The Train of Thoughts, 

Thanks for traveling with us.

Well then. Cheerio Chaps!

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  1. I was reading it like I am reading my mind while I am in my train of thoughts.
    Really interesting and coincidently I am hungry at the moment so.. Yeah you know what I mean 😀

    1. Yes I know what you mean 😎 Haha
      I am glad you found it interesting.
      Love you

  2. Ahh, free write this is called! Just want I want to write now...only my posts are dictated by a theme where free write is nowhere near possible! And yes cheerio old gal!
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. You got it right I used the stream of consciousness narrative in this post. Best friend to kick away that writers block.
      Glad you liked it

  3. Loved the Hitler bit that you added in this. No time to think :/ no thoughts :/ cz of too much work!

    Talk to me once more - The Solitary Writer

    1. I am glad you liked it and found time for reading the post.
      Thanks for visiting

  4. Have so much fun reading this one, Kanika. The Hitler part and time travel to rescript the universe.