Thursday, April 7, 2016

Feminism Is My Jam!

I am a Feminist! 
When you identify as a Feminist, many people will immediately assume you are man-hating, bra-burning liberal. Which is so far from the truth! because Feminism is not about "hate" and bras are super expensive! Yes, my Political ideologies are liberal, though.

A Feminism is a radical Idea that women are people too. If you think that feminist want to overturn the patriarchy, you are right! #DeathToPatriarchy. On the other hand, Feminism is not about enslaving men and taking revenge for all those years of oppression. Trust me people actually think this, which is strange in today's time and age, because they can easily google or look up in a dictionary "What is feminism?"

Feminism is an ideology that advocates in favor of similar social, political, legal, and economic rights for both women, men and everyone else on the gender spectrum.
For more information, I strongly recommend you to read this wonderful book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie " We Should All Be Feminists

Feminism is a campaign against Gender Discrimination and Sexism. Sexism is not just someone being mean to someone else based on their gender, Sexism is an institutionalized oppressive system. Many people argue that they support Gender Equality but they are not a Feminist. There is nothing with the labels, call yourself whatever you prefer. However, if you call yourself a Feminist, to my understanding you identify and acknowledge the systematic historical oppression against women.

Propaganda poster against suffragette

We have come a long way from the oppressive history, still, we have issues. Everyone else on the gender spectrum still faces discrimination in one way or the other. Which is because of this standardize system of Patriarchy. So, what is this Dreaded Patriarchy?

Patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power, predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property.Even though the patriarchy is problematic for both men and women. Historically and at present women do endure the main brunt of it.

The Patriarchy emphasis on institutionalized idea of gender roles

Patriarchal masculinity is associated with traits as; independent, non-emotional, aggressive, tough-skinned, competitive, clumsy, experienced, strong, active, self-confident, hard, sexually aggressive, rebellious.

Patriarchal feminity is associated with traits as; dependent, emotional, passive, sensitive, quiet, graceful, innocent, weak, nurturing, self-critical, soft, sexually submissive, accepting.

Quite obviously, these constructs of masculinity and feminity are incoherent. Patriarchy is a hierarchy of unrealistic ideas of power. No doubt women suffer in many ways and have been liberated in many ways via the historical feminist waves. It is often said, patriarchy is just oppression of women by men. However, feminism makes an argument that patriarchy is not for men either. 

How Patriarchy effects Men
It is a toxin for masculinity's traits, men are expected to be strong, dominating, breadwinner and protector of the family. This adds a pressure that we have "gender paradox of suicidal behavior". Men are facing emotional troubles. Men are discouraged from showing emotion, as it is a "feminine attribute". This muffling of emotions has led men to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Hence, men have a high rate of suicide and mental health issues. (Moreover, this is just one example)

It is easier for women to speak against patriarchy because we were not placed on pedestals of strength. Moreover, some people say that the word root "fem" is the reason why they are afraid to call themselves, Feminist. They are afraid of using female connotation towards themselves. I understand, if they are a "Man" and feel weak by being associated to the feminity. See the irony? 

Patriarchy taught them to be a "tough-man" by the above-mentioned traits of Patriarchal Masculinity. In my opinion, those people should try to get comfortable with the "fem". We are not separating each other in this preassumed constructs of patriarchy. We are in this together. 

We are here to help each other through the everyday sexism. If someone says they face gender-related problems do not ask questions to validate the oppression. Listen to them and believe them, when they say they experience sexism. By rejecting the existing sexism and gender-based oppression, you are perpetuating and further establishing patriarchy. 

I am self-tagging myself to ‘Feminism Is My Jam’ tag, started by Feminist Apparel, and answering the questions. I intended to make a video for the same on my YouTube channel. But, let's just do with the blog for now. 

How and when did you realize you were a feminist?
I have always been for equality of all genders. Nothing ever made me think that, Oh! now I am a feminist and Bam! I stand for equal rights. 

What is your favorite feminist book/movie/song?
Movie: Juno, Queen 
Song: I just recently came across this wonderful song parody by a lovely girl.

Where do you go to read up on current feminist topics?
I don't have a go-to for this, I often get feeds on my social media by:
Feminist Fridays

How do you treat yourself?
Being a Booknerd, I treat myself with a mugful of coffee and a book. 

What is the most effective way to explain feminism to a newbie?
I just did in this above post. But, often I have to break it down a lot more explicitly. 

Fill in the blank: I kick the patriarchy to the curb by ______.
By Being a Feminist and Creating awareness about gender. Also, I strongly believe and advocate raising next generation free from the shackles of Patriarchy. 

Do you have any feminist YouTubers/Bloggers to recommend?
But the most of all, for me, the most Iconic figure of Feminism is the Notorious RBG

Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals are to achieve three extraordinary things in the next 15 years: End extreme poverty, Fight inequality/injustice and Fix climate change.Through the medium of this blog, I want to express my solidarity for the setup goals and express my support by creating awareness for Global Goal No 5 About Gender Equality aka Feminism. 

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  1. Woah! Heavy stuff lady! I am not any kind of 'ist, I am strange that way, can't seem to make up my mind what I want to support! That said, this was an exhaustive take on Feminism. Also read about a campaign 'Free the Nipple' today. I am getting world-wise by the minute. Cheers
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. Thanks! yet, I feel I can add so much more. I am quite passionate about gender equality and women's issues. Gender Equality also lead us to Free The Nipple moment, I think it is a redundant sexual objectification of only "female" nipple. Social media categorizing, banning and taking down pictured of selectively "female" nipples is perpetuating sexualization and shame. It has made the act of breastfeeding a social offence. Women all around the world are discouraged/ shamed for breastfeeding their toddlers in public.

  2. Some people have very wrong perception about the word "Feminism". They think they "understand it all" and that their perception about the word is the "Golden words of Lord I know it all"

    Such people never fail to amuse me every time by a very vague definition of "feminism" . All it requires is a common understanding of a very sensitive and important topic for all human beings.

    There are so many issues of "human rights" that are addressed in "Feminism"
    It is not the hype that some wannabe who just read the word and defined it by dividing the prefix and suffix think.

    1. I agree with you. It is deeply saddening when people cut short a campaign because they are (or feel that they are) privileged in a certain way. Empathy and critical thinking should be employed more often than it is. Gender Equality should not be threatening the presumably stronger and privileged people. The threat they express in fact, validated the oppression.

  3. I believe in equality for all and that's why I call myself a feminist. After all, Canadian PM Troudeau is one and who says men can't be feminist. An analytical piece and well detailed. Cheerz