Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dictionary Extended

Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot come up with a word because there is no word for the thing you want to express, that ideally should exist? 
For example; in The English language, there is no word for, to not look, to not hear, plural you ( We use terms such as "y'all" & "you all" instead.), etc. There are quite a few lacks of exact word in other languages as well. 

This accidental gap is called lexical gap, lacuna, or a hole in the pattern, is a word or other form that does not exist in some language but which would be permitted by the grammatical rules of the language. 

In this blog, I coin some words for the things, feeling, situations that I think should be worded. Feel free to include. 

harenplayar /hair-uh-n-plahy-uh/ verb to get your clothes filled with a lot of sand while visiting a beach.  Sand often finds comfort in the folds and pockets of garments. harenplayaring (Gerund) majorly occurs when one forgets fo take a bathing suit. 
"Oh no! I will stay in the car, my bar is not designed for the beach. It is very prone to get harenplayar"

drakecholy /dr-ɪk-kəli/ noun a sadly confused state of mind that occur after break-ups. it is archetypical of Hotline bling situation; especially when you are supposed to be the girl from hotline blink but unfortunately, you feel like a sadder version of Drake from the same. drakecholic adjective affected with, characterized by, or showing drakecholy
"Why are you still stalking her on facebook! are you drakecholic, bro?"

dowódfauxer /th-uh-voo-th-fəʊ-uh/  noun a person or a group on the internet forum supporting their argument with a link that leads to an opinionated blog, and hence cannot be taken seriously. Legends have it that such people have been employed throughout history to perpetuate propaganda. Such people are often regarded highly unreliable personally as well. 
"I wouldn't believe a thing Trump says on twitter, he is a notorious dowódfauxer!"

novrap /naʊ-rap / noun an object that has lost its origin purpose and is now being used in an additional improvised use. eg discarded buckets to use as planting pot, an old toothbrush being used to clean, etc. verb;. novraped, novrap·ing, novraps : the usage of the verb form of this word is tricky, experts say that it is mandatory that the new use of specific novrap is mentioned before in the conversation, to avoid awkwardness. 
"Don't throw my old laptop bag, mom. I use it for grocery shopping, that is a novrap. OMG! for god's sake stop cleaning my apartment! I am not a child anymore."

exmuglizing /ɪk-məg-ahyz/ verb looking for answers in a mug-full of ice-cream eaten sloppily to in order to solve intricate emotional worries. It is an act mostly done in a deluded sad state of mind, late at night mostly. Your BFFs may try disillusioning you but they will come across as jerks. ( Such is the seriousness of the delusion. ) 
 "Stop comforting yourself with exmuglizing, sleep now we will deal with it in the morning."

Musing The Meaning of Liff series by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd


  1. "exmuglizing"..lovely.. :)

    Simply Awesome ..

  2. Wow, quite honestly haven't heard or read even one of them....feeling pretty illiterate! But positively speaking, I am sure not many people know this, while at least I have heard of them now, thanks to you Karnika!
    @KalaRavi16 from

    1. I totally understand! but you don't have to feel bad these words are my own creation. I am trying to fill in the lexical gap all by my own. My intent is to amuse and entertain the readers. I shall be glad to know if they enjoyed it. :)

  3. That's some interesting word creation. Actually some rather complex words. I've been known to make up words on occasion. If they sound right and the meaning seems self-explanatory I think the words work.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thanks! I would love to read some created words. Glad you found them interesting!