Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In the movie “up in the air” there was a scene when the young girl asks a middle aged lady, what are the things she look in a guy to be her “Ideal partner”. To which the lady simply replies “he should not be an a****** and have a nice smile…..”
This really stimulated my senses. We really open up the options by simply eliminating the resistances that we once had. All of us mostly have a benchmark when it comes to choosing a partner in our youth. Let the “requirements” that we desire be stupid enough as; he should have long hair, should like boy bands or country music, should enjoy the same things as I do etc. but in the end we manipulate it. It may not be mandatory for the one to fulfill all the crazy requirements but most. As the time passes we settle up and reduce those requirements even further and ultimately we are mostly left with the most basic i.e. “he should not be an a******”
I felt a great deal of melancholy today after reading one of my old diaries (The teenage one). I had mentioned a lot of such crazy requirements. And now as I have apparently grown up and realized that such a combination cannot exist….
It was a long list and I don’t want to revive any expectation by writing it here and burden my unconscious mind with useless hopes. I relinquish my search for that childhood Mr. Right, because if he exists he probably is on some other planet…
Authors note: you need not to be the same, opposite attract but of course you should be looking at the same direction i.e. have same goal in life…


  1. yes, atleast they shud have same goal, mmmmmm

  2. not just at least, its the most imp consideration i guess..!!
    PS you can post in here with your identity open its not gonna create any probs i suppose...

  3. Well cool, I seem to be keeping my crazy requirements as priority.... Cant really wait to meet my handsome hunk, long hair, macho, rock star, someone who can talk his mindout no matter how crazy it seem!!! :D
    U know it all sweets~~~

  4. nice blog karnika...

    check out this video..you myt like it ... true love story!