Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been a little sad lately, but this does not block my random thoughts.
 I was wondering why piggy banks are called “piggy” banks?
After trying hard to stop thinking about this and concentrating on my useless woes. I relinquished neglecting the thought and finally decided to goggle it! (Aha!! Our world revolves around Google! Don’t you think so? It has just made information so handy!)
So our small saving banks are related to pigs! Eerie! Though pigs are cute (if only they stay clean), they are the favorite animal of my baby cousin. (because they are pink!) But saving does not go with pig right?  
Piggy bank is not just the conventional name of our personal bank. Origin of this term is something that I would call a creative mistake! During the 15th century metals were really expensive. So for domestic purpose people used jars of clay. They even used it as a saving bank and dropped a coin or two in it on daily basis. The clay used for this purpose was called “pygg”. (It’s orange clay which is still used in India to make pots.) Those banks were called pygg banks!
Latter about in 17th and 18th century people forgot the origin. When an English potter received orders for traditional “pygg banks” the potter was obfuscated and he crafted banks shaped like pigs! (That was a creative accident!)  The product was admired by everyone and that’s how we got the name piggy bank!

PS Now that this thought is out of my head, I can concentrate nagging about my personal woes. It is always a relief to knock down arcane thoughts!


  1. it is really very nice,,,,,one more coin to my piggy....

  2. I need a piggy bank too. But it breaks before it gets ready for the rainy day~~