Saturday, August 21, 2010


My Facebook home page read updated from Paulo Coelho, this time I read
Paulo Coelho Curiosity kills the cat, but helps the tiger to live // La curiosidad mata el gato, pero ayuda a que el tigre viva
 I am not sure about you but I know nothing about the story of this cat! So I searched and tried to find out how the cat got killed. Apparently it was no easy thing to find!
All I could make out is that, it certainly is a way of saying “ignorance is bliss”
All I could find out is that, the phase was mentioned in some write-ups in various forms like “care killed the cat”, "curiosity killed a Thomas cat (Thomas is a form of male cat).", “hang sorrow, care'll kill a Cat, up-tails all, and a Louse for the Hangman.”
In the phases where care killed the cat, the secondary meaning of care is considered i.e. worry/sorrow and not the contemporary meaning i.e. “to take care of”.
I know nothing about the writer nor about the cat but these arcane thoughts certainly kill me if anyone amongst my readers know how the cat was killed, what sort of a curiosity killed it. Do mention it to me…
Author’s note; this post welcome all the stories that help me vindicate arcane thoughts.  


  1. hey karnika, your post helped me recall a story my grandpa used to narrate when i was little... its about a man whose cat got fever. he went to see a doc. after examining the cat, doc gave him medicine and prohibited bathing the cat. next day man visited the doctor again. he complained,"my cat is dead". doc thought for a second then asked,'' did u make ur cat bathe?' man replied,' yes but it was not bathe wot led my cat to death. it hpnd wen i squeezed my cat to drain out the water.

  2. Hey Aman :)
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story here :)