Sunday, August 22, 2010


I have always been fascinated by big machines!  But this one goes beyond all my fascinations. It’s simply spectacular!
The Liebherr T 282-B is radical category diesel/electric power train haul truck. It has an empty weight of 203 tons and load capacity of 363 tons. This makes it this truck with highest payload capacity truck in world! 

Its engine (made in Germany, MTU) provides the maximum output of any commercialize automobile in the world. It is big enough to be used as an emergency power generator for international airports. The engine weighs 10.4tons, has 20 cylinders in a V arrangement and a capacity of 90 liters. It has a maximum power output of 2700kw and maximum torque of 14.457kNm. An important characteristic of the Liebherrs T282-B is that the diesel engine powers two Siemens electric traction motors in the rear axle. This intern provides fast acceleration and high speed. It has electric retarders that provide precise speed control to slowdown the truck.
Because of its enormous size it is transported to the site in components and assembled latter.
Length: 14.5 m long
Height: 7.4 m tall
Wheelbase: 6.6 m
Top Speed: 64 km/h
Costs: US$3.5 M
 Liebherr T 282B was launched in 2004. Designed and manufactured by the Liebherr Mining Equipment Co.(basically a German entity) in Virginia, USA. A few dozen of them are sold every year.


  1. Its huge.. Whenever u mention abt it, I relate it with the nuclear reactors u saw on ur way to sirsa!!!

  2. hey di it was a boiler dat we saw....:)