Friday, February 25, 2011


Firstly I will admit that I am not the bard of this verse, however I love the beauty it depicts! It was dedicated to me long ago! I don’t have any lawful right to post it, but I guess that casual permission will do! 

I wish you to be a butterfly
High in your spirits, in your charms
And one fine day touching the sky

I wish you to be a butterfly
Living many and many lives
And not a single one shall die

I wish you to be a butterfly
Get seas of love and smiles-
And not a small drop of cry

I wish you to be a butterfly
Caressing flower to flower-
Each one shall be a home for life

I wish you to be a butterfly
Walking on the clouds, playing with stars
All the rules of nature, you defy

I wish you to be a butterfly
Hands outstretched, displaying your colours-
You open soft wings to fly

I wish today,
Somehow.... somehow
You turn into a beautiful butterfly… <3


  1. makes my soul to fly high,,,have u originally written that?? dont i m gonna write dis to a page and paste it on my blank wall..thanks

  2. greetings!
    dear anonymous like i said in the post, i am not the bard aka poet of the verses... :)
    however, it was written by a friend of mine.
    PS this blog is not some high profile intelligent operation. indeed you need not to be anonymous.

  3. :) very nice to read ur feel of butterfly! keep writing & smiling always :)