Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Review: Mortality by Christopher Hitchens

MortalityMortality by Christopher Hitchens
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I have always admired Cristopher Hitching. He was witty, charming and brutally honest with his opinions. I still often end up on one or other of his videos on YouTube "Hitchslapping" every argument in a very eloquent and logical manner.

This is his memoir that reflects the very end of his life while he was suffering from cancer. It is amazing to see him not falling apart while facing death. It is often put up as an argument by the "believers" that Athiest often fall into faith when facing mortality. "There are no atheists on a sinking ship" as they like to put it... Ugh! Makes me cringe. Anyways, to be honest, I feel a bit weak in the knees when I see his public appearances that were made during the end of his life. He looked so weak yet so much like himself, bold and articulate.

The most shocking, (not so much, though) thing was how some religious people were celebrating the news of his suffering, while others praying for his release from "purgatory" and ascendance to "heaven". At a point in the book, he even mentioned if he may somehow survive Cancer the very people will put up the "our prays worked" argument... In conclusion, the reaction of the people of faith was very cunning and ugly. (For they, in their minds, hold a self-righteous position.)

The majority of the book was him describing his condition personally and medically. It was especially touching, as I lost my Grandpa because of Cancer and it rekindled the sense of pain he went through in a very well worded and descriptive manner.

It was my second book by Hitchings and I gained an access to the thoughts of the wonderful man that he was. I am glad I can still go back to his words both in his books and in his debates as he is not amongst us anymore.

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