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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes ~ Book Review

Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was interesting! The book seemed like a "light-weight" love story, initially. I picked it up to get back on track with my reading habit (as I have been lazy lately). Surprisingly it was not a rainbow-butterfly-ish happy saga. It deals with some difficult topics, in a rather blithe manner that it don't weigh too heavily on readers.

It made me think about my opinion and ethical standing on the certain issue. I can't say it helped me to develop an opinion, it kinda helped me realize my standing on the opinion I hold. The fascinating thing is, it shows how one don't have to agree with other's point of view in order to support them.

****Spoilers Ahead*****

Now, that said. I need to talk about the theme of the book and I assume that it could be a spoiler. So, don't read my review any further in case you are spoiler sensitive.

The theme of the book is about euthanasia aka assisted suicide. It is indeed a complex topic as it is challenging to pick if I am "pro or anti" towards the practice of euthanasia. However, the book made me realize that it is somehow an important option for people in with extreme disability. I remember while I was in high school there was a time when euthanasia was a front page news topic, many of my teachers and the "authority figures" were anti-euthanasia, and they had their reasons that I completely understand. I, back then, was not quite sure if I was for or against it. But currently, I think that it is a way to relief pain in an extremely unfortunate situation . In this book's case, it was the choice of the person in pain and I think that is how it should be, I understand that it is an unnecessary infliction of emotional and psychological pain for the loved ones. So yes! that is heart-breaking and the biggest quandary in the said situation.

The story also touches the theme of rape and post-traumatic stress related to rape.It highlights internalized victim-blaming. It is presented in a believable and contemporary manner which is why it is more thought provoking.

In the end, I enjoyed reading it.

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