Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kaleidoscopic Window

This is my attempt at writing a Sonnet (following the strict rulebook). This sonnet is addressed to the person living in a house, with a kaleidoscopic window. That window overlooks protagonist's dwelling, they (the protagonist) assumes that the person looks over through the window every now and then.

I see your kaleidoscopic window,
during this scenario I contrive.
Wonder if my rare sights, innuendo
by my hollow eyes; in the dark, I thrive.  
Creeping the nighttime, searching my flashlight.
Heavy heart, hands clutching mug full coffee.
Run-run stumbles shunning to infinite  
remote deadlines. The catastrophe!
Dreadfully inadequate, did you see?
My eye sockets deep as the dead child's grave  
tragically dabbed and concealed by me.
Not diamond's glitter flawless or brave.
You witness the truth of uncensored slam.
Afraid of what you see? because I am!

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