Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Communist ManifestoThe Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
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It is an interesting read to get an introduction to the ideas of a great thinker. It explains the social and economic structures of society. I mostly agree with the manifesto.
I recommend this book to everyone. It expresses the power of ideas in society collectively. Moreover, it is critical to be aware of the way people think, may it be from the side of opinion you hold or form the perspective of the contradicting opinion.
Capitalism is inherently unstable and is bound to collapse, no doubt. However, the communist social structure is pretty much too "idealistic" in the current situation. Nevertheless, Communism is not a state of society it is more of an ongoing process to achieve an idealistic social structure. It shall require many iterations in order to include all "classes" of society in unity/equality.

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