Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It’s a flashback form older times… an incidence and a technique that just skipped out of my mind thanks for apportioning that one with me..

I turned my face in the other direction out of woe. But could feel that my best friend was enjoying every movement of seeing my troubled self... (Huh!!)

“Okay we can sort it out … can’t we?” asked my friend.
“Hummmm… may be!!” I replied
“No ... it can’t be sorted out” I ranted as I just broke down.
“I know I can deal with it as it comes but as per now I can’t do anything about it and just can’t stop thinking about it all the time, so I am not coming with you to hang out ...”
I was just blabbering on my own
I don’t know anyone except for him ever listen, when I just say stuff that does not make sense to them, but he always listened to me even if it don’t make any sense to him … in accordance to the deal we had to be supportive to be a friend . Yeah! To be a friend all you have to do is to be supportive.
“I know sweets you can deal with it no matter what it is.” He said. And that’s the very reason he was the best part of my life, he had faith in me and my dreams.
I smiled and was already feeling better.
“Do you like hot air balloon?” abstract question another reason why this guy was my best buddy.
“Yeah” I replied and smiled. As I had no clue how that was related to my contemporary situation.
“Cool! Then sit back and close your eyes. Just do as I say” with all the excitement in his voice. I did what he said.
“Can you visualize your problem in a material form?” He asked
I nodded and could easily imagine my chemistry teacher as my biggest problem.
“Okay great, so now you have to imagine doing whatever I am asking you to do. Pack you problem in a nice gift pack and do feel it! In your favorite color. Turn and see there is a hot air balloon tied by this rope, put your problem in that balloon. Ignite the balloon and take a deep breath now get out of balloon and burn the rope holding it. And don’t forget to say good bye. It won’t come back today I bet. It’s going away …. Open your eyes! When it’s gone.”
To my amusement I was actually doing as he said and that was a fun thing to do to your chemistry teacher.
I opened my eyes and asked.” What was that another of your meditation scheme?”
“Perhaps! Are you feeling better… ” he asked or told I don’t know.
“Good so without wasting any more time, tell me where do you want to go? I think …..bla bla bla”
I did not listen what is said. I was just thinking. How does he know how to brush me up and put me back to life, that’s something only he can do…

This post is just for the one who knows me the best. My best friend, worse enemy and the only critic...


  1. Yes.. Friends gotta be supportive, just as I find you...

  2. friends are close..
    friends are the sweetest dose...
    a friend is one who know u.
    friend are the truth that lies in you...
    friend is a precious possession
    friend is one who answer your useless questions...
    friend is the person we hate the most,
    a friend is who listens to your blabbering with a smile...
    life is fun when one has one... the sweet n the cute.. friend forever...!!!

  3. May u fly, fly beneath the vast blue sky....
    like a black n red winged beautiful butterfly...

    May you get all the love u desire......
    may u live every single dream u aspire ... :)