Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My thoughts are wild                                             
My thoughts are awesome
My thoughts are weird too
In my thoughts dreams come true
My thoughts says that pigs may fly
In my thoughts the ocean went dry
In my thoughts the stars are closer then sky
My thoughts can make things fly
In my thoughts it rained in desert
In my thoughts I traveled to treasures
In my thoughts moon was just mine
My thoughts run faster then light
My thoughts are random
My thoughts are quick
My thoughts are better then you
Crazy they may sound to you...
My thoughts are free to fly high
In the shining dark blue night sky ….


  1. thoughts can take you places
    thoughts can make you fly
    thoughts has many faces
    thoughts can be rhyming and divine

  2. awsome pic..................zyada makeup kiya hua

  3. i am very abstract too :-) don't you just love having an imagination?!

  4. yeah!!
    i love my imaginations..:)

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  6. hey...wrote very well.....cud relate