Saturday, September 22, 2012


Humans are not monogamist by nature, perhaps it is in our emotional upbringing that brands us monogamist! Or the legal status/ de jure acceptable condition!  It is complicated to find out why we follow this socially specific behaviour in various nuances, ranging from hopeless romantics to heartless Casanova. We cannot generalize human love life or emotional status. That is primarily because emotions cannot be quantified. Thus, cannot assure their existence. Nowadays we cannot claim sole mates are made in heaven. (Contemplate solely the number of ‘on and of’ relationship status on Facebook can justify that this statement.) We desire for success and survival in daily and long-term basis of our personal existence and not that for the Homo sapiens (or anyone else as a matter of fact!) our most important goal is to ‘possess’ as much as we can! No matter whatever it is, it has to have a materialistic value associated with it. For our very goal me have placed emotional stability in the backseat and we are driving rash through the highway to the mountain cliff of success and beyond…

Life is not the same, if you are a swan, (that you probably are not!) swan mate for life they chose their partner once and stay together. The ideal condition that we fantasize in movies like ‘up’! ‘Together Forever’. They may be dispiritedly romantic! Or just lack industrialized civilization may be some of the gross reasons for them to stick together. Whatever the reason is it overwhelms me. This cute fact about the swan adds in an exception only when one partner is dead or lost. However, some cases of divorce have been reported lately, majorly due to nest and child issues. Shocked?! I know, who thought divorce was a contagious malady! 

Apparently, this forever together status is not just limited to Swans. Black Vultures; do not appear as beautiful as one would imagine an epitome of love to be. But, pragmatically they too mate for life like swan. Once they have chosen a partner they are truehearted towards their partner. In fact if a vulture is caught philandering, they are attacked by other vultures in the society! They make sure that there is no infidelity, however harshly but justified. Eagles too mate for life; they seem boldly beautiful and strongly soothing! Hence need no accounting!

We cannot forget lovebirds to be counted in this category. Best known for lovey-dovey, tender stroking and mushy skoodilypooping! (Apologise for this awkward description!) They stick with each other through thick and thin and go together like peas and carrots! Many other join this forever together status that we cannot imagine in our modern-day world!

People generally get awestricken by emotions when one thinks about love life of the swan or others in the same category. We tend to contemplate our love as minimal as a grain of sand. We consider our relations beyond comparison with their. However, the fact is they have their own reasons and their reason is not love! They mate for ‘life’ not love! Sorry to burst your bubble! Birds ‘together forever’ are not as amorous as one may think. They simply consider the time needed to migrate, establish territories, brooding and raising young birds. They consider that the extra time and energy needed for attracting a mate would reduce the reproductive time. Passing their progeny to the world and staying in the chain of evolution for sustainable time is their prime goal! We know nothing about their emotional attachments! And hell no! Swan does not cry to death due to loss of spouse, it just gets muddled-fuddled!

So here comes my smoulder “an open letter to the people I love!”

My love towards you is beyond the clandestine undeciphered intentions! It is beyond the sustainability of species and far-far beyond search for convenience and saving time. My love towards you is because; I celebrate your existence in my life! You mean a lot to my swell headedness and my existence.
Lot of love!

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