Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I bet! None of you could have think of a noble thought as, one of my friend. I wonder what made her so altruist and caring about not just the unsafe status of women in city, but also the same of female stray dogs too! 

So here I introduce an ‘over the top’ thoughtful- generosity of my Anonymous friend (she sure don’t want to catch extra attention or gasp! ~~ err applause! And of course I don’t want her to read this post! So, if you are reading ‘sweetie click the cross on the top right’)… 

The story starts with a small chat on contemporary social issue that our country is facing… you know! Corruption, bad politics, reservation (is that a social issue?), Anna Hazare and again Anna Hazare. (Well! that is all I can think of right now, thanks to the zealous media coverage. sigh!) and when the insurrectional chatting and blabbering ‘imaginary mike’ came over to our protagonist ‘Anonymous’. She mentioned how bad she feels for the ‘sexual assault’ that female stray dogs face in their day to day life! 

You must be thinking, ptss! Come on, what the heck is it? But, face it people according to my dear friend Anonymous, Poor!  Female dogs every day face non-consensual-love making! And to their pity there are no police, neither NGO nor even family to whom these poor creature can turn to for emotional and legal support after the assault. That is probably due to the fact that they still follow anarchy in 2011!!  Her humbleness could not allow her in anytime soon, but in future my loving friend is going to make it all end! She shall form an NGO for street children (I appreciate this without being sarcastic!) and female dogs for the sexual and emotional assault! 

I was thinking. Besides, if it goes on, It might raise the population of street dogs. I think Anonymous will have another concern about controlling their population too…! So it is a potential, viciously-growing concern list. you see!?! 

So to free my friend from this upcoming predicament! I have written this ‘general awareness blog’, to aware you about the up going molestation and exploitation of female dogs. Kindly please if you see injustice taking place,  in your locality or anywhere around you, Save the poor lady dog and hush the bad male dog!! 

Spread love among living beings, Help the poor lady Dog! 
On that note I shall sign out of here…<3

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  1. Ha Ha Ha..this is quite thoughtful.
    well the concern for sexual assault is considerable..but i can't stop laughing while thinking of situation mentioned in the 2nd last para.. help and save the female dog from the bad male dogs ha ha ha..:D