Saturday, April 8, 2017

Goals Of Art: L'art pour L'art

Creating art is cathartic. Our daily life is filled with the beating of routine in a certain fashion. The daily schedule and keeping up with it somehow diminishes the human essence that is essential for emotional well-being. At a point, the daily life monotonous and devoid of emotion needs purging and my art is my refuge.

I have a keen curious way of reasoning that leads me to try to find out more things about the world be it Science, Art, History, Politics, etc.  In this pursuit of knowledge, I find myself in a position where I form my own opinions and I am grateful for that. I personally cannot find harmony in accepting what I am being told. I need to investigate. Taking up Ideas as heredity is not in my book. It is like being robbed of what makes us human. Namely, thinking, reasoning, creating and finding solutions to intricate problems.

I like to create art in many different forms but oil paints are one of my favorite artistic expression. I can forget the existence of the world when I am lost in my attempt to make that one stroke right. I don't give any care even if it's apocalypses outside my window. It is my personal trance. The process of painting is not only where my mind finds solace, but it also helps me learn patience. It helps me to appreciate things that we often just walk by without noticing. I pay attention to the visual inputs in daily life to try to accommodate it in my next painting. There is so much it makes me notice, but most of all it helps me to try become a better version of myself.

I paint, mostly with the backdrop of some symphony by Mozart, occasionally some podcast. As I paint I am in my own mind rummaging thought and ideas along with getting that brush stroke just right or least satisfactory. Each of my painting is a safe keeping for the thoughts that crossed my mind. It is an accumulation of emotions that I am reminded of when I look at them, almost like a secret language that only I decipher.

Art is an answer to our existential crisis. Art is an emotion but it is not just that ... Art can be a means of improvement. Art can be employed in social and political reforms, as it has been in history. Being able to attract attention gives it the power to direct attention to an issue. Isn't this what we see in protests with signs and performance arts!

It happens quite often when you look at some picture or a painting and it gives you an uncomfortable feeling. Something that makes you rummage through your soul to identify and uncover. That is the power of art. Art is not just pretty landscapes, rainbows and butterflies. It is also the difficult issues and questions that we shove under the rug to get rid of. It may or may not be the intent of artists to question the observer. Every piece of art is created with some unique circumstances and that adds to its meaning and beauty.

Throughout the human civilization, people have expressed their feelings in the various form of arts. Every culture produces artifacts. It is present in museums tourist destinations. It's what is common among all the humans irrespective of geographical locations. Moreover, one can appreciate art better if I know the underlining circumstances of it, craftsmanship required and political/social implication of it.

It is the very thing that set us apart for all the organisms on the planet. In fact, even amongst all the other homo genus (Neandertals, Denisovan, etc) artifacts were exclusive to the Homo Sapiens. Throughout history, humans have left an exclusive mark on Earth in forms of artifacts, that are impressively intricate. Art is not just the production of an object art is purging of the soul.

Art has a place in all of us. So what is your account of art?  Do you enjoy creating or appreciating art? How does Art make you feel? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. A beautiful insight into an artists mind indeed. Loved reading this. And I hear you as I feel the same when I write. Good to stop by.

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    Gobsmacked in Gorgeous Goa

  2. I liked your oil paintings, and the depth they inspire. I create 3D art - hand stitched embroidery. It's my relaxation tool and way to destress and turn my brain off.
    Ros from Fangirl Stitches

  3. That is great. Really well expressed, and I agree completely. Are those your paintings? Very cool. I love the arts: music and literature included. I am a writer, and I have the same experience when I write as you do when you paint. I don't listen to classical music though. I prefer heavy metal.

    I have a guy in my class who thinks art is a waste of time. I wouldn't say it to his face, but I think he's an idiot. Life would be worthless without art. Great post.

  4. "As I paint I am in my own mind rummaging thought and ideas along with getting that brush stroke just right or least satisfactory."
    I like that! The same is true for me when I write!
    I' blown away by the diversity of your "subjects"! My favorite is the flower baby!

  5. My son is an artist. Thanks for this great post. The pictures were terrific.

  6. Those are amazing works of art! It's easy to imagine a few of them on book covers. Thanks for this cultural experience.

  7. Wow! you are one talented artist- I loved the faces you have done here, esp the ones with floral pattern!
    Thank you for sharing your inner creative mine - its liberating to know how an artist's mind wrks!!

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  8. Truckloads of talent on display art and in pouring out the thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

    Stopped by from the #atozchallenge. I wrote on G for goals, guilt and grief ! Here are the two most inspirational yet sensible ideas that appealed to me

  9. Wow, these are amazing, I especially like the first one. The textures are wonderful.

  10. Beautiful paintings. My oldest is at art school now and I've been lucky enough to watch her progression as an artist. I love the saying "Earth without art is just eh". WeekendsInMaine

  11. What wonderful paintings. I have no artistic talent so I am in awe of those who do

  12. Lovely paintings! Art is indeed therapy. We each have our versions. Thanks for sharing.


  13. I'm definitely an appreciator of art. I don't necessarily create art in the traditional sense of a painting, sculpture, photograph, but I think the way I arrange items in a room or set a table, arrange a group of flowers is also a creation of art - or at least a bit of creativity. Donna from Girl Who Reads

  14. I would prefer looking at art than doing it myself. And that's because I'd rather learn something new about art and artists, than do something I'm not very good at! If asked to do something artsy, I might just remove my quilling kit and make a simple flower and leaf design. The most complex quilling art I've made till date was a bookmark, with a quilled elephant design on it :D