Monday, April 24, 2017

Train Of Thoughts

Welcome aboard!

This train of thoughts is brought to you by my brain, with a little coordination with my fingers. I wrote the prequel to this post, last year, for the post on "T". It is the alphabet that reminds me of the newspapers. If you haven't already, read the last year's post here. Old passengers to my train of thought must be thinking "So is this a yearly thing now?" NO, it's just a thing! I am not making a yearly commitment. I can't even commit to having a certain breakfast next morning! Basically, it's just the idea of not having a choice and being stuck with oatmeal that scares me. No kidding, even one of my frequent scary dream is all about, my college's mess breakfast making a dramatic entry back in my life! Back in college, I simply skipped the meals to break out of that routine...

I took a break after writing that one part because typing is exhausting. Especially, if you are an entitled and short-attention-spanned millennial. One message on phone and you lose track of what you were doing! Am I right? Or am I right? Back in my parents' days,  they had better; fill in the most baby-bloomer cliché here. Who cares! Time changes and so does the trend. Changing trends can be sometimes difficult to adapt to or get used to.

For instance beard epidemic.  The scruffy hipsters with a beard, you know there was a time when I found beard attractive. Now all the men in my city have beards and well, it is a nightmare!  You can't even distinguish your friends from a random stranger because they all look alike. So to avoid any confusion or accidental infidelity I don't date men with beard, in the current times of beard epidemic. Besides its summer of 2017 that means it is the hottest year of our lives, why would anyone want to cover their face with human fur! Moreover, there is another factor; I don't take men to be as self-caring as women. Selfish, sure that is not something dependent on gender. Yet, not shaving and grooming is just lazy! No offense to you, men, but if you want to take it be my guest and take all offense you need. It's free!

I noticed something on my dressing table. The thing is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Well; a lot of people online and in real also just categorically claim to have OCD. Without even realizing how it is to live with it. The romanticization of mental health issues is a fad. OCD is not just washing your hands it is washing your hand after touching anything that is not you! I do that, I confess. I even bathe three times a day. I have a thing for arranging things in certain fashion. I have a certain order of arrangement of products on my dressing table. That essential oil has to be next to my perfume bottle... why you may ask! Well because that is the right order in my brain. I cannot look at the bottle being next to my body lotion. I will have to fix it or else a section in my brain will be screaming. 

Essential oil is not next to perfume bottle 

I do the only thing that is wise to do in such condition ignore the screams of my brain. What are those screams? They are just a certain sequence of sparking neurons! I am far above those tiny neural synaptic sequences. Keep screaming I shall not re-arrange my dressing table because it is my dressing table. I shall keep it however I like. Essential oil is not next to perfume bottle. 

Okay, I confess, I am out of Ideas to talk about; I woke up tired and sad.  I don't know why it happens! I just woke up why I am so tired. Was my body sleep-walking while I was sleeping? Maybe! Everyone say keep a journal for your ideas. I do, the thing is I never open the journal to withdraw any idea. One day when future archaeologists will find my buried city and raid my home they will find my little journal take it the museum and display it. Students from future schools and universities will visit the museum ... Will they still have schools and universities? I think they should be able to upload information with computers linked to their brain. That will be more advantageous and economical. They will do their made up jobs ... I don't know! I don't know what future people will do to spend their times after having everything done by the machines and computers. Essential oil is not next to perfume bottle 

It is kind of a scary thought, right? What if machines gain consciousness and end up enslaving us. Imagine humans doing the manual labour and machines taking up the white collar jobs or whatever made up positions. The machines masters will lash humans with the future electric whips. That would be right out of a sci-fi book. Then one fine day, a group of humans will try to escape the state lead by machines into the wilderness. If caught they will be thrown into more awful labour camps or even exterminated. It is unlikely because most of us will die in the upcoming global climate catastrophe. Some will survive to take the human genome ahead and re-populate the earth if or when it cools down. After all, humanity is quite persistent to survival, I believe it is innate. Essential oil is not next to the perfume bottle. 

Essential oil is not next to perfume bottle ... Do you want me to tell you what would happen if you don't re-arrange the bottle? 

Alright, I am about to throw my pride and give in. The universe is at stake, if I don't fix that fucking bottle of essential oil and put it next to my bottle of perfume. It just keeps on pondering in my brain no matter how much I try to distract myself from that. So for my ability to completing this post, let me just fix my dressing table and save this train of thought from being hijacked by the OCD. Sigh! Once again I gave up to the compulsive thoughts.

Ah, the sweet peace of mind! I can see Lady Macbeth's trace on my window.  She has started to softly pat her paws on the windowpane. Lady Macbeth is my cat, alright she is not mine. She is a free cat who lives in our neighbourhood. She visits me often. We have a symbiotic relationship, I feed her and she comes to my one-cat ukulele concerts. Lady Macbeth, a new mommy to adorable little kittens, offers best fandom one can hope for. It appears, my strumming provokes some deep thoughts in her clever cat mind. I am happy to help the great feline thinker with my music.  Symbiotic! Uh!

 Lady Macbeth needs breakfast and I need coffee,  

Deboarding, The Train of Thoughts, 

Thanks for traveling with us.
Well then, cheerio chummy!

Feel free to rail up your thought to the train of thoughts in the comment section below. 

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  1. I totally 'get' this post and wish I could be as brave as to post such a random set of thoughts. It is a great read and true to the workings of our minds. I love millennials for their values and I have a post coming up about just that topic. Don't sell your generation short as a 'baby boomer' I think you guys rock and love your take on life. Thanx for a great read :) Linda Visiting from A-Z Challenge 2017.

    1. Thanks, Linda! I am glad you think this way. It feels good to be appreciated, being a millennial ...
      I will catch up on your post soon. Last year, I had a post on the same topic. I had read some disparaging write ups for the first time, back then.
      Happy to know you enjoyed the read. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. beard epidemic?
    I don't know why so many consider beards as being attractive, especially when they're skimpy scraggly unkempt messes of hair, but to each his own

    1. I use too once ... when I was young and naive .
      Thanks! for stopping by

  3. Is this a subtle warning? Beard epidemic!! It's madness! Am I right or am I right?

  4. Stream of consciousness at its finest. Keep it going, beards or not.

  5. This is a lovely post.
    About beards, I like men with well trimmed beards,those unruly ones are a turn off
    And lovely pictures in the post

    A Peice Of My Life

    1. I am glad you liked the post! :)
      Yes! grooming is attractive.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Dude, I am super curious about the "accidental infidelity"? Haha
    Awww, lady Macbeth & kittens! Adorable <3

    1. *narrows her eyes in rebuke*
      Kittens are adorable wish I could just steal one!